Fresh + Sophisticated For

Curated Spaces

Authentic Materials

Luxury + Timeless + Unique

Today's Coveted Lifestyle

for Intentional Living

Harmonious with nature

Fresh + Sophisticated
For Today's Coveted Lifestyle

Curated Spaces for
Intentional Living

Authentic Materials
Harmonious with nature

Luxury + Timeless + Unique

Created Beautifully...
With Distinctive details
from the inside out.

We work with clients to design their projects from start to finish–including new development apartment complexes, condominiums, townhome developments, lobbies, offices, retail stores, restaurants, and other public spaces. If you’re looking to decorate or remodel your home, and have no idea how or where to begin, we use professional insight to put together creative options for decor and layouts to help define your unique style and then have it reflected in your home.

Modern interiors
Curated for
Uncomplicated living.

Responsibly Sourced.
Health Conscious

Design Services

Exterior Finish + Landscape Design

Interior Design + Styling

Interior Architectural Consulting

Commercial Interior Design

Installation Management

The finest should represent more.

Behind Iconica

Focusing on a commitment to interior design with purpose, Judi Teran approaches residential and commercial spaces with an eye to not only today, but also to the future. Their process begins in the earliest planning phases with architects and continues to completion with general contractors. From start to finish they are looking to personalize interiors for the private clients who will live in them. Throughout all stages of design, they source materials with both look and function that are environmentally sound. Their finished spaces are aesthetically beautiful at the same time that materials and objects in them are healthy and ethically manufactured.